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Steelbound Crystallization

Steelbound Crystallization

General :-

WATERBOUND STEELBOUND CRYSTALLINE is a proprietary compound. It is a single component Waterproofing system for concrete, brick masonry and wall cement bound surfaces. when mixed with water base component of STEELBOUND CRYSTALLINE sets hydraulically STEELBOUND crystalline a waterproof system works on the principles of water proofing by catallic crystallization by osmosis and forms an integral part of the substrates and the treatment penetrates concrete pores even against hydrostatic pressure STEEBOUND crystalline reacts with free lime particles and form insoluble crystals which totally and permanently block the passage of water. Further, it remains in the body of the concrete as a CATALYST to reactivate the crystallization process whenever water enters the structure through newly formed capillaries.

Fields of Application
STEELBOUND CRYSTALLINE provides Outstanding Waterproofing and damp proofing

* Concrete Water tanks / Reservoirs * Sunk Slabs Water tanks / Reservoirs
* Basements * Lift Pits
* Underground level structures * Swimming pools, Dams
* To old and new structures * Terraces, Terrace lawn
* Walls areas etc, which are subject to efflorescence,
dimness, condensations etc.
* Brick surfaces, surfaces which are exposed to acid, alkali, corrosive environment etc.

Surfaces treated with STEELBOUND CRYSTALLINE are
* Highly resistant to Corrosion
* Resistant to chlorine attack
* Becomes an integral part of the substrate

The result does not vary even if the coating punctures therefore no need for a protection screed
* It is non toxic therefore can be used in water tanks
* Hydrophobic coating with deep penetration

Methods of Application :-

A. SURFACE Preparation Damp and loose Plasters, if any must be removed, All joints must be sound and properly filled, In case of any cracks they should be scaled with Repair bound polymer mortar. The surface to be treated must be structurally sound it Clean the base thoroughly by wire brush and remove the loose materials, dust, grease, oil or other foreign particles.. Cracks must be opened by means of cutter / manually. Clean the surface then by water to remove all dust and saturate the base by water and dampen the surface, remove the excess water. Fill the crack / honey comb with Crack Bound / or repair mortar composed of Repair Bound to be filled directly to the sound grove / honey comb substrate.

B. MIXING Take a clean container to which Mix 4 part of STEELBOND CRYSTALLINE power with 2 part of water by volume. Add or lessen the water quality to obtain a slurry consistency at site.

C. APPLICATION The mix can be applied with a trowels, brush or spray, application at temperature above 5ºC, on frozen surface prior to coating and remove the excess of water on the surface. The material can also be scrubbed over the surface manually by gloved hand.

Coverage :-
The consumption (Coverage) Largely depends upon the application method, conditions, the porosity, texture, type & General condition of the surface; the estimated approximate 1.2 Kg/Sq. mt.

Initial Setting Time 2 HRS.    Final Setting Time 12 HRS.

Test for bleeding at flow 21 cm :- Bleeding Water (0% by weight)

Test for water tightness :-
A Single coat of STEELBOUND CRYSTALLINE on concrete after 28 Days under water pressure of 200 KG/KM.SQ.or Equivalents to 20 M. Water head showed no water penetration inn concrete.

Packaging :- 30 kg

Shelf Life and Storage :- To be stored in original packed containers / bags, protected from direct sunlight and frost. STEELBOUND CRYSTALLINE is non toxic and non Flammable. Shelf life 1 year when stored under proper conditions.

Environmental And Safety Precautions :- STEELBOUND CRYSTALLINE contains powder. Avoid breathing dust. Avoid direct contact with eyes or skin, in case of eye contact splash water and immediately contact nearest physician.


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