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General :-
RHINOCOAT is water based dispersion of self crosslinking hybrid polyurethane designed for improving gloss, hardness, absolute water resistant of concrete etc.  Rhinocoat is environmental friendly coating materials for a wide applications. Rhinocoat is mainly used as Hygiene coatings, Sealers etc.

Technical Data :  
Base : Polyurethane Base
Appearance : Liquid / Translucent to White
Specific Gravity : 1.05 +/-0.02 gms / alfa at 25 deg. C
Particle Charge : Anionic
pH : 7-8
Tensile Strength : 300 kg / sq. cm.
Elongation : 250 %
Viscosity :<500 cps

Fields of Application
* Rhino coat is used as transparent Exterior coatings
* Waterproofing of glaze surfaces, such as china mosaic etc. as Rhino coat has excellent adhesion with glass, metal,
   glazed surfaces
* Rhino coat is specially designed as surface sealer for hospitals, dispensary, kitchens etc. where one needs a Dust free
   conditions for achieving 100 % cleanliness
* Rhino coat can be used for waterproofing of water tanks as there is no exudation of naked film.
* Rhino coat is used as a sealer for concrete floors and wood surfaces.

Properties :  
* Low Toxicity * High Water Resistance
* Can withstand high temperatures (200 deg. C) * Imparts high web scrub resistance
* High dirt pick-up resistance * Excellent water and alcohol resistance
* Rhinocoat is Polyurethane based and eco-friendly. * Absolute water repellency
* Rhinocoat is U.V. resistance * Excellent wet adhesion properties

Instruction For Use :
Clean the base thoroughly by wire brush and removed the loose material, dust, grease, oil or other foreign particles. Clean the surface then by water to remove all dust and saturate the base. Whenever the substrate is hollow chip of till sound base is reached. Fill the cavities , honeycombs with Repair bound or by Crack bound then apply directly Rhino coat to the sound substrate in 3 or 4 coats as recommended by our technical staff

Curing :- Normally Rhino coat treated surfaces do not require water curing only natural air curing is required.

Packaging :- 10 kg and 210 kg containers

Shelf Life and Storage :- To be stored in original packed containers , protected from direct sunlight and frost. Rhinocoat is non toxic and non Flammable. Shake well before use. Shelf life 1 year

Environmental And Safety Precautions :- Rhino coat contains polyurethane. Avoid breathing vapors or mist Avoid direct contact with eyes or skin, in case of eye contact splash water and immediately contact nearest physician.

Coverage :- 80-110 sq.ft/kg/coat

Warrantee :- Every reasonable precaution is taken to manufacture the products with high quality. The recommendations in the leaflet is based upon what is believed to be most reliable information available & is not intended as recommendations, which infringe other patents.  Although all water bound products are subject to high quality tests, no specific guarantee can be given, because results depends not only quality, but also on other factors odust applications performance, etc. but point out that oral recommendations, which vary to the instructions contained herein are not behind us.


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